Business owners are achieving their goals more effectively with Quartile and ForecastRx.ForecastRx is proud to be the newest partner of Quartile, “the leading advertising solution for e-commerce brands.”

Our missions are the same—provide best-in-class solutions and services to help e-commerce brands thrive.

Over 5,300 brands (including our sister company, Fishers Finery) trust their advertising needs to Quartile—and for good reason! In October 2022, Quartile was recognized at the Amazon Ads Partner Awards as the US Scaled Technology Award winner and a Performance Growth Award finalist.

What does that mean for you and your business?

It means Quartile was the all-star standout for “partners who leveraged the Amazon Ads API.” Their innovative technologies have helped brands across the globe expand their reach quickly (and at scale!).

Coupled with ForecastRx, your brand can finally take the guesswork out of e-commerce.

How do we work together?

Just like Quartile allows brands to manage their marketing across all channels, ForecastRx has all your purchase orders in one convenient place—including open POs, multiple warehouses, and FBA.

ForecastRx has your purchase orders in one place, including open POs, multiple warehouses, and FBA.And having all your POs in one place is exceedingly important—before you can implement effective Amazon ads, you need to optimize your inventory forecasting and restocking capabilities. There’s nothing worse than a customer seeing something advertised and then not being able to buy it because it’s out-of-stock.

With ForecastRx, you can avoid lost sales and enhance stock order performance, empowering your brand to exceed your customers’ needs with the data you need to inform decision-making, inventory management, and demand forecasting.

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