Inventory Forecasting Software with Direct QuickBooks Integration

A simple solution to a complex problem. We tell you what to order—and when.


QuickBooks-friendly Inventory Forecasting Solution

After a simple integration with Quickbooks Desktop, you’ll have the power to accurately forecast sales and inventory needs for your company without clunky spreadsheets or complicated Quickbooks reporting.

“Reporting in QuickBooks can be very confusing and cumbersome—ForecastRx simplifies my inventory ensuring I know what to order and when!”


How it works?

ForecastRx employs multiple proven forecasting algorithms to analyze your QuickBooks inventory history and on-hand quantities with your order intervals, item or vendor specific lead times, service levels, MOQs and BOM to provide you with the best order quantities on your next vendor purchases. Add additional inventory from multiple warehouses and open POs at any time to provide the best data for your reports.


Are you ready to simplify your inventory management?

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