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Unlock optimal profits and growth by recognizing seasonality and focusing your restocking efforts on the right products (at the right times!).

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The Right Product, in the Right Quantity, at the Right Time

The best way to restock your Amazon business is with data from your inventory and past sales—not suggestions based on “similar products”. RestockAMZ utilizes industry-leading forecasting algorithms and customizable sales velocities to pinpoint seasonality and trends based on your data.

Ensure you’re getting the most accurate restocking suggestions available—in real-time and in the future. Never be out-of-stock or overstocked again—that’s the power of RestockAMZ.

“Managing production and purchasing from 4 manufacturers in 4 different countries with varying lead times has always been a challenge. ForecastRx has been a huge help. In a market that is experiencing substantial changes to new regulations, the ability to see trends as they are happening is a huge plus.”

Chris Topper | Topper Cigars
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Amazon-centric Forecasting

Amazon-Centric Forecasting

Our specifically designed, industry-leading forecasting algorithms are all about Amazon. Analyze your sales history, on-hand quantities with your order intervals, item or vendor-specific lead times, service levels, MOQs, and BOM to get the most accurate order quantities on your next purchases. You can add additional inventory from multiple warehouses and open POs at any time to access the optimal data.

Recognize Seasonality

Our forecasting models recognize trends and seasonality using nearly 100 different industry-proven algorithms. From there, we take the predicted demand and allow on-hand inventory ordering. We then provide specific replenishment recommendations so that you can place better purchase orders and manage your inventory more effectively.

Recognize Seasonality
Actionable Information

Actionable Information

Your business needs your full attention—you shouldn’t waste it trying to extract valuable data from spreadsheets. RestockAMZ syncs to your Amazon store using the API and extracts the historic ASIN data, including inventory quantities, inbound shipments, and much more. This information empowers you to meet future demands by knowing exactly what, when, and how much to order. In addition, you can set safety stock levels dynamically to account for varying vendors, lead times, and order intervals.

RestockAMZ Is the Better Restocking Option.

 Robust Capabilities

We’ll couple your custom daily sales rates (or sales velocity) with our industry-leading (and proprietary) forecasting capabilities to provide you with the most accurate restocking recommendations possible.

Maximize Profits

Maximize your FBA profits with the best restocking forecasting available. With balance between overstock and OOS, you’re minimizing overhead storage costs—and saying “hello” to more money in your pocket.

Your Amazon FBA Questions, Answered.

What is the best way to restock my Amazon business?2022-09-23T14:39:03-04:00

The best way to restock your Amazon FBA business is with data from your inventory and past sales—not suggestions based on “similar products”. To accomplish this, you need access to forecasting algorithms and customizable sales velocities that pinpoint seasonality and trends based on your data. That’s where we come in. RestockAMZ utilizes as many as 4 years of Amazon sales data (from MCF, FBA, and FBM) and your own history, creating custom demand forecasts that capture 100% of all available inventory. This inventory includes:

  • Open Purchase Orders
  • Warehouse Quantity
  • FBA Inventory

You can get the most accurate restocking suggestions available—in real-time and in the future. Backed by the power of ForecastRx, RestockAMZ is an industry-leading demand forecasting software for Amazon Seller Central that provides your ecommerce enterprise with the best, most accurate Amazon business restocking tools.

Are Amazon’s restocking capabilities adequate for my business?2022-09-23T14:35:09-04:00

Amazon’s restocking capabilities are not the best restocking solution available to ecommerce businesses. Why? Amazon doesn’t integrate with shopping cart systems, and adding and managing inventory is cumbersome and unintuitive—making it exceedingly difficult to handle orders and keep stock availability up to date. It hurts your business in two ways:

  1. Because Amazon only updates stock statuses after fulfilling the order(s), you could theoretically be selling items throughout the day that are already OOS.
  2. You might need different fulfillment systems—one for Amazon orders and one for your ecommerce site.

So, what’s the solution? RestockAMZ. We’re passionate about all things involving Amazon and restocking optimization. We developed industry-leading demand forecasting software for Amazon Seller Central that provides ecommerce enterprises with the best, most accurate Amazon business restocking tools.

What is demand forecasting, and why does my business need it?2022-09-23T14:47:19-04:00

Demand forecasting essentially dictates what products to buy and what time of year. It’s a predictive analytics process that uses historical data to estimate the demand your customers will have for your goods in the future so that you can order accordingly. Demand forecasting ensures that your inventory availability meets the needs of your customers. One tremendous benefit of this? Your business can avoid lost sales—this is essential because a lost sale costs more than you think. Lost sales that aren’t accounted for (and therefore not tracked) can’t be factored into future forecasts—that means you can’t track the revenue loss that was caused directly by these out-of-stock periods.

What’s worse? When you run out of stock on Amazon, you can lose your page placement to competitors—throwing away months (if not years!) of hard work, time, and money.

Another reason that proper inventory demand forecasting is critical to the success of your business is that it ties into your brand’s reputation. When an item is OOS, customers become frustrated—and 70% of shoppers who experience three or more stockouts will stop buying from your business altogether.

Your business doesn’t need just any demand software—you need the best forecasting capabilities available, and RestockAMZ delivers it.

Will demand forecasting help my Amazon IPI score?2022-09-23T14:40:06-04:00

Yes, demand forecasting will help you achieve a healthy Amazon IPI score. Amazon IPI scores range between 0-1000, and they’re used to measure inventory health (i.e., assessing low and excessive inventory levels for your SKUs). Because demand forecasting facilitates more effective inventory optimization and reduces holding costs, optimal forecasting capabilities empower ecommerce businesses to maintain healthy inventory levels.

If you need more incentive to care about your IPI score, consider that if your FBA business doesn’t reach a particular quarterly IPI score, Amazon can reduce your storage capacities and increase your fees for the next quarter. It’s in the best interest of your business (and your wallet) to invest in demand forecasting.

How can I reduce my safety stock and storage costs?2022-09-23T14:43:05-04:00

To reduce your safety stock and storage costs, you need to dynamically set safety stock quantities by product while accounting for varying lead times and order intervals.

You need to know what quantities to order to meet future demand. With the right restocking solution, you can keep your safety stock storage costs and mitigate the risk of your inventory becoming outdated (or going bad).

What is seasonality?2022-09-23T14:41:14-04:00

Seasonality refers to the increases in order demand during finite periods. For a vast majority of ecommerce sellers, the best example of seasonality occurs during the surge in order volume during Q4 (coinciding with the start of the holiday season). However, other brands dedicated to serving a specific time, event, season, etc., might have additional seasonality periods (think Weber grills before the start of summer).

Regardless of which situation aligns with your business, you need to find the balance between overstock and out-of-stock. RestockAMZ can identify sales trends from your own data to ensure you’re in stock during peak selling seasons and not overstocked during lower demand periods.

Never Be Out-Of-Stock or Overstocked Again

With RestockAMZ, this (and more) is possible.

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