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The Best Inventory Forecasting Solution for QuickBooks & Amazon Seller Central

ForecastRx enables you to avoid lost sales & enhance stock order performance by employing multiple proven forecasting algorithms that analyze your sales history, identify trends, and recognize seasonality to predict future sales demand, which is then turned into actionable reorder quantities.

Predictive Sales Forecasting

ForecastRx precisely projects each product’s future demand by importing each product’s historic sales data combined with real-world logistical parameters. Almost 100 state-of-the-art forecasting algorithms run concurrently and combine to create the best model to project that product’s future sales.

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Automated Purchase Order Creation

Our advanced predictive analytics are housed in an intuitive user interface that automatically creates suggested purchase orders by vendor when it’s time to order. All you have to do is approve our recommendations and email your supplier. Inventory planning for your business has never been easier.

Recognizes Seasonality and Sales Cycles

Never be out of stock or painfully overstocked again. ForecastRx is able to identify recurring sales trends such as seasonality, so you’re in stock during peak selling seasons and not overstocked during lower demand periods.

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Amazon QuickBooks

Seamless Integration with QuickBooks and Amazon Seller Central Accounts

ForecastRx automatically syncs with your datasource to import the latest sales data and inventory information, so your purchasing recommendations are always up to date. Don’t use Amazon Seller Central or a supported version of QuickBooks? No problem. Our easy-to-use CSV data upload tool will allow you to get the same great forecasts no matter your datasource.

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Highly Customizable Demand Planning

Many business-specific supply chain variables making demand forecasting difficult and time consuming? ForecastRx can be used by any type of business that needs to reorder. You are able to quickly define a wide range of forecasting and reordering parameters on the company, vendor, and even item-level: Service Levels, Minimum Order Quantities, Lead Times, Order Intervals, Case Quantities, Lot Multiples, and more. After accurately forecasting each product’s future demand, ForecastRx takes into account all of these parameters to provide an exact reorder quantity to insure you have the supply to meet it.

Demand Planning
Aids New Product

Aids New Product Introductions

No history? No problem. Easily copy and manipulate history from a similar existing product to generate a forecast for a new product introduction.

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