Amazon Aggregators

Manage multiple Amazon brands from a single, easy-to-use platform. With one click, you can seamlessly track sales, manage inventory, and forecast demand for each brand.

Manage Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts

Manage multiple Amazon brands from a single platform.

ForecastRx seamlessly integrates with Seller Central to track and analyze sales and inventory data for better demand planning and forecasting.

Designed for Amazon Aggregators and Multi-Brand Owners

ForecastRx has easy-to-use Amazon seller tools and allows you to switch between brands with just one click.

Providing you with better Purchase Orders and FBA Inventory Replenishment.

ForecastRx stores up to 4 years of each brand’s sales data and syncs inventory daily to provide you with purchase orders and Amazon restock quantities, so you don’t go out of stock.

AI Forecasting you can trust

ForecastRx provides a 12-month forecast for every ASIN for every brand. Our forecasting models analyze your sales data to accurately predict sales, seasonality, and trend.

Priced to scale with your business

We provide custom pricing with volume discounts based on the number and size of each brand connected with ForecastRx.

Are you ready to simplify your inventory management?

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