Demand Forecasting Software for Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Seller Central

Place Better Purchase Orders & Manage Inventory Smarter.

ForecastRx seamlessly integrates with your Amazon Seller Central or FBA data in order to provide you with accurate inventory demand forecasting.

How it works?

ForecastRx employs multiple proven forecasting algorithms to analyze your Amazon sales history and on hand quantities with your order intervals, item or vendor specific lead times, service levels, MOQs (Add Tool Tip) and BOM (Add Tool Tip) to provide you with the best order quantities on your next vendor purchases. Add additional inventory from multiple warehouses and open POs at any time to provide the best data for your reports.

"ForecastRX takes my inventory stress away, I am now able to focus on the growth and success of our business."


Looking for a solution that analyzes sales history, identifies trends and anticipates seasonality?

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