When selling kit or multi-pack products, inventory management can grow even more complicated than usual. Demand for products sold as bundles or kits doesn’t always translate directly into reorder quantities for each specific kit component. Additionally, some components are sold in multiple different kits or even as individual products themselves. As a result, knowing how much of each component to keep in stock and tracking how many kits you can complete with on-hand inventory can be difficult.

To help alleviate the inventory management stresses and complications that kits can pose, ForecastRx has developed a new feature: Kit Builder! This feature allows users to create and manage kits directly in the ForecastRx app. The app will use that information to forecast demand for kit, kit component, and direct component sales, then produce accurate purchase quantities for those items. Kit Builder ensures users receive the same accurate forecasts for kits as non-kit products, while also taking care of the heavy lifting of creating work orders for assembling kits.

For another look at the capabilities of Kit Builder, check out our demonstration video.