Did you know there are better solutions than Amazon’s restocking capabilities for FBA sellers?


Amazon doesn’t integrate with shopping cart systems, and adding and managing inventory is cumbersome and unintuitive—making it exceedingly difficult to handle orders and keep stock availability up to date, and hurting your business in three ways:

  1. Because Amazon only updates stock statuses after fulfilling the order(s), you could be selling items throughout the day that are already OOS.
  2. You might need different fulfillment systems—one for Amazon orders and one for your ecommerce site.
  3. Amazon only reacts to recent sales history. So, if you’re looking to stock for November and December in January, Amazon only references October and September’s average daily sales rate (not helpful).

The best way to restock your FBA business is with data from your inventory and past sales—not Amazon’s suggestions based on “similar” products.To accomplish this, you need access to forecasting algorithms and customizable sales velocities that pinpoint seasonality and trends. The formula for success:

Item order history + real-world logistics = precise, predictive inventory forecasting 🎯

Start maximizing your profits with best-in-class inventory forecasting and restocking from ForecastRx.

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