Reduce Inventory Stockouts & Get Better Forecasting than Quickbooks

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Join Scott Gregory, Quickbooks Expert and the ForecastRx Team to learn how you can reduce stockouts and get better forecasting!

What to Expect?

  • Do you need to optimize your inventory quantities while saving time and money?
  • Want to decrease lost sales due to stock-outs while simultaneously avoiding the expenses associated with being woefully overstocked?
  • Need an inventory forecasting seller tool that analyzes your previous sales data, seamlessly incorporates every variable of your re-ordering process, and predicts precise future purchase order quantities?
  • ForecastRx offers automated integrations for QuickBooks desktop (Pro/Premier/Enterprise) or QuickBooks Online (QBO), or Amazon Seller Central. Even if you don’t use any of these, learn how easy it is to store and use your inventory data with ForecastRx.


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