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Take the Guesswork Out of Inventory Forecasting.

We help you forecast future demand while taking into account growth trends, sales cycles, and seasonality, while applying custom restocking parameters such as lead-time, order interval, MOQ and service level. The ForecastRx algorithms take the guesswork out of inventory forecasting and replace it with data science. We give you the ability to easily sync your QuickBooks or Amazon Seller Central data, and also make it simple to import data from any other source with pre-formatted CSV templates. Optimizing your inventory planning has never been this easy. Know which items to order, in what quantity and at what time.

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We encourage you to Schedule a Meeting with a member of our team to learn how ForecastRx can benefit your business. Whether its an application demo, general overview, on-boarding assistance, or just a couple of quick questions, use the link below to schedule free consultation meeting with ForecastRx. We have in-house Amazon, QuickBooks, and Data Analytics experts ready to meet with you and to help make your implementation of ForecastRx an easy one.

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“Managing inventory for a growing Amazon Private Label business with over 2,000 SKUs was nearly impossible before we found ForecastRx. It handles the long and varying lead times for our overseas vendors, and the algorithms are able to accurately account for our growth trends and highly seasonal product demand.”

Craig Barnell | Fishers Finery

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