How Ridgerock Tools Increased In-Stock Percentage By 20% With ForecastRx Demand Forecasting and Inventory Management


Ridgerock Tools, a leading supplier of industrial tools and equipment, faced challenges maintaining optimal inventory levels, resulting in a mid-60% in-stock percentage at Amazon. This inconsistency in product availability impacted customer satisfaction and led to lost sales opportunities and increased carrying costs. Seeking a solution to improve their in-stock percentage and streamline inventory management, Ridgerock Tools turned to ForecastRx, an advanced forecasting and inventory optimization platform.

Company Background:

Ridgerock Tools has been in operation for over a decade. It specializes in distributing high-quality industrial tools to both businesses and consumers. With a diverse product catalog, including power tools and safety equipment, Ridgerock Tools has built a reputation for reliability and excellence in the industry.


  1. Inconsistent In-stock Percentage: Ridgerock Tools struggled to maintain a consistent in-stock percentage, hovering around the mid-60s. This inconsistency led to frequent stockouts and revenue loss.
  2. Manual Forecasting Processes: The company relied on manual forecasting methods, which were time-consuming and prone to errors. Without accurate demand forecasts and safety stock recommendations, Ridgerock Tools faced challenges in optimizing its inventory levels and aligning supply with demand.
  3. High Carrying Costs: Excess inventory and stockouts resulted in high carrying costs and increased operational expenses. These inefficiencies in inventory management hindered their profitability and competitiveness in the market.


Ridgerock Tools implemented ForecastRx to address inventory management challenges and improve their in-stock percentage. ForecastRx is a cutting-edge inventory optimization solution that leverages advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to generate accurate demand forecasts and optimize inventory levels (in real time).

Implementation Process:

  • Data Integration: ForecastRx seamlessly integrated with Ridgerock Tools’ Amazon Seller Central account, consolidating historical sales data, inventory levels, and other relevant parameters.
  • Demand Forecasting: ForecastRx utilized machine learning algorithms to analyze historical sales patterns and current sales trends and generate accurate demand forecasts for Ridgerock Tools’ product catalog.
  • Inventory Optimization: ForecastRx dynamically adjusted inventory levels based on demand forecasts, lead times, and service level targets, ensuring optimal stock levels while minimizing excess inventory and stockouts.
  • Automated Replenishment: ForecastRx automated the replenishment process, generating purchase orders and reorder points based on demand forecasts and inventory optimization algorithms.


  • Increased In-Stock Percentage: With the implementation of ForecastRx, Ridgerock Tools experienced a significant improvement in their in-stock percentage, surpassing 80% (a 20% increase!). The enhanced visibility into demand patterns and optimized inventory levels enabled them to effectively meet customer demand, ultimately increasing top-line revenue.
  • Reduced Stockouts: ForecastRx virtually eliminated stockouts and backorders, allowing Ridgerock Tools to fulfill customer orders promptly and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Lower Carrying Costs: By optimizing inventory levels and reducing excess stock, Ridgerock Tools achieved substantial cost savings and reduced carrying costs, improving overall profitability.
  • Streamlined Operations: Automating inventory replenishment and forecasting processes streamlined operations, freeing valuable resources and enabling Ridgerock Tools to focus on strategic initiatives and growth opportunities.


By leveraging ForecastRx, Ridgerock Tools successfully addressed its inventory management challenges and achieved remarkable improvements in its in-stock percentage and operational efficiency. With accurate demand forecasts, optimized inventory levels, and automated replenishment processes, Ridgerock Tools is well-positioned to sustain its growth trajectory and remain competitive in the industrial tools market.


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