The best way to restock your Amazon FBA business is with data from your inventory and past sales—not suggestions based on “similar products”. To accomplish this, you need access to forecasting algorithms and customizable sales velocities that pinpoint seasonality and trends based on your data. That’s where we come in. RestockAMZ utilizes as many as 4 years of Amazon sales data (from MCF, FBA, and FBM) and your own history, creating custom demand forecasts that capture 100% of all available inventory. This inventory includes:

  • Open Purchase Orders
  • Warehouse Quantity
  • FBA Inventory

You can get the most accurate restocking suggestions available—in real-time and in the future. Backed by the power of ForecastRx, RestockAMZ is an industry-leading demand forecasting software for Amazon Seller Central that provides your ecommerce enterprise with the best, most accurate Amazon business restocking tools.